The edcast xAPI endpoint enables LMS systems & Content providers to push completions events to edcast for content that has been created via Integrations.

Procuring Credentials

  • Admin will generate OAuth 2 Credentials from the Admin UI for the specific source.
  • Admin UI will allow the creation of only 1 OAuth credentials per source. Admin will need to delete an older credentials pair before regenerating a
    new one for the same source.

Login into the Org Admin. Navigate to Integrations > OAuth 2 Apps
To create credentials for a source , click Create. Select the source & enter a display name

The Client Id & Client Secret are displayed in the table . Hover on the Client Id to get the Client Secret

API Details


The client needs to use two-legged OAuth 2.0 to send authenticated POST requests. Two-legged OAuth is also known as OAuth 2.0 Client Credentials,
Grant. Edcast is the authorization server.

  • URL

  • Method

  • Body (x-www-form-urlencoded)

client_idValue to be obtained from Edcast for that source
client_secretValue to be obtained from Edcast for that source
  • Sample Response


Activity Statement

A learner activity webhook POST body follows an Actor, Verb, Object data model.

  • URL

  • Method

  • Headers

Header NameValue

      "mbox":"mailto:[email protected]",
            "en-US":"title of object"

Supported VERB IDS

verb.id ( Line 10 ) in the above JSON body supports the below

For Complete Event:


For Start Event:


API Responses For Error Conditions

  • API requests with invalid / expired / deleted credentials will be returned with HTTP status 401 unauthorised & should not modify any data.
  • Throttling Limitations per org will apply & respond with HTTP status 429 & A Retry-After header will be included to this response indicating how
    long to wait before making a new request
    • Default 10 Request per 10 seconds per organization
  • If content with the external Id or the user with the given email id / lms_id is not found, HTTP status 422 (bad request) will be returned with an
    appropriate message


Before the Completion Event is received , the card does not display a green tick (which indicates that it is not completed)

After the completion event is received,

  • The card displays a green tick (which indicates that it is completed)
  • Me > My Dashboard > Activity lists tat the card has been completed
  • Me > My Content > Completed also lists the card

Postman Collections

XAPI Environment Variables.postman_environment.json

XAPI Edcast.postman_collection.json


The xAPI endpoint cannot be used to push the completions for

  • User Generated Content ( since UGCs do not have a external Id)
  • Content created via LMS Integrations ( LMS Integrations have their own way of registering the completions - either via SFTP-CSV / LMS API / the
    connector pulls the completions by consuming APIs exposed by the LMS system)