Welcome Page

Upon logging in to EdGraph, users land on this page


The Landing Page is meant to communicate core platform vitals succinctly to platfrom admins, learning and development team members, and content curators. The page includes user segmentation, month over month change on key metrics, shortcuts to other dashboards in EdGraph, and actively engaged users by calendar month.

Landing Page Components

  1. Highlights are high-level engagement metrics. The count displayed is the occurrence of those events over the trailing 30 days. The % change is comparing the current value to the trailing 30 days before that (trailing days #31-#60). This lets admins know whether platform activity is increasing. The key metrics displayed are cards viewed, cards completed, and user generated content (of all forms) created on the platform.
  2. The User Funnel gives a view into user segments from the highest form of engagement (Employer Advocacy) to the lowest (Users Invited). A full guide is in the text box to the right.
  3. The Actively Engaged Users report gives the number of Monthly Active Users (MAUs) by calendar month for the most recent six months. This only includes data from the LXP and not the customer’s LMS. Please see the Loom video below where I take 60 seconds to explain this difference.
  4. The Shortcut Buttons at the top are a quicker way to get to the EdGraph dashboards as opposed to DOMO’s side menu.
  5. The Text Box to the right contains plain-English explanations of everything on the dashboard. Some customers are still not reading this and asking questions that are answered in the text.

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