EdGraph UpGrade FAQ

What’s happening?

EdGraph is hosted on a business intelligence (BI) tool called DOMO. We’re switching that tool to Looker.

Why change now?

We need you to succeed in telling your LXP’s story with data and visualizations to your people. We need to future-proof EdGraph with the best technology. DOMO’s technical architecture and product innovation haven’t kept pace with industry standards.

What makes the change an upgrade?

The new EdGraph will help platform admins get insights and create value for their teams faster in a few key areas:

  • With Looker, data latency is reduced by 70%. This means data in EdGraph dashboards is up to date within the hour. With DOMO, we had a 6-hour latency period, and had several reports taking longer than 6 hours.

  • Looker is embedded into the LXP and doesn’t exist on a separate environment. We’re considering bringing embedded reporting with Looker in to replace in-app group and channel analytics.

  • Looker’s technical architecture allows us to iterate new product features at five times the pace we did with DOMO. With Looker we have a path forward to predictive analytics and benchmarking features.

Will I have to pay for the upgrade?

No. The EdGraph upgrade and expanded capability come with your current EdGraph subscription.

What’s required of me (the customer)?

Learn the basics of Looker. Start by clicking this link, registering, and completing the two modules:

Each takes one hour. The modules don’t require your Looker instance to be ready- it's done with a demo instance.

Our goal is for you to maintain all your EdGraph business processes and needs but with a new and better tool.

Are you capturing any more data than before?

No- we won’t be capturing any additional data on users. EdData, which powers EdGraph, will keep the same datasets.

Will there be changes to the data architecture?

We will be changing over to GCP for our data lake. The change is necessary for us to run Looker. Every customer’s geographic data region will remain the same- so customers who must have their data in the US, EU, India, Australia, or the UAE will continue to have their data stored there.

Please work with your CSM for any InfoSec concerns you have. The EdGraph and Cornerstone OnDemand Security teams are here for your questions.


Will my DOMO custom reports be replicated on my new Looker EdGraph instance?

We’ve replicated all custom reports for all legacy EdGraph customers, with two exceptions:

  • We are not replicating any custom reports created after one month prior to your EdGraph upgrade's launch date. We'll send an email giving you a heads up for the freeze.

  • We will not replicate any custom reports made in Q4 2022/Q1 2023 that have fewer than 10 total views.

Our goal is for you to maintain all your current business functionality with EdGraph, and we know you need your custom reports to do that. The EdGraph team has worked diligently to replicate the thousands of custom reports our users have made over time.

Will all EdGraph reporting be in the new tool?

Yes. We’ve brought over all 91 out-of-the-box/standard reports to the new tool.

How many users can have access to the new EdGraph?

The new EdGraph allows for 5 editors and 495 viewers, for a total of 500 users. If you have requirements beyond this figure, talk to your CSM. Keep in mind that there's no limit on the number of scheduled reports you can send via email. We've found that scheduled reports satisfy many users' requirements, and they thus don't need to access EdGraph.

Will I be able to view datasets?

Yes. Datasets can be viewed and filtered but cannot be modified with ETLs or combined with other datasets. If you would like a new dataset that’s not part of EdData or EdGraph, you can submit a customer request (CR).

Does Looker have the equivalent of a DOMO beast mode calculation?

Editors can save new reports with calculated fields when expanding and editing a report.

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