EdCast’s AI-powered Knowledge Cloud is a multi-tenant platform that tracks all the activities as events in real-time to provide greater insights to customers. EdCast data analytics platform processes, transforms and stores these events in a secured, scalable and distributed data lake. These events help to provide more insights into the end user activities in the platform as well as implement key features using AI/ML modules.

Currently the events data in the data lake gets refreshed through a nightly process that runs every 24 hours. We are working on reducing the refresh internal to less than an hour. In addition, we are building a data pipeline that will have (near) real time data for some of the key data elements (e.g., completion record).

Insights from this data lake is used to power 3 features.



Data from the centralized data lake can be exported as CSV file via Athena Client API or the data export utility.


EdGraph is a Business Intelligence Suite based on DOMO. EdGraph provides deep insights into the end user activities in the platform using suite of 6 dashboards.

  • User Analytics
  • Content Analytics
  • Search Analytics
  • Group Analytics
  • Structured Content Analytics

Admin Reports

Learning eXperience Platform provides 6 light weight in-application dashboards to provide visibility into the events in the platform.

  • Overview
  • User Analytics
  • Content Analytics
  • Channel Analytics
  • Group Analytics

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