Integrations with WorkDay

Enterprise HRIS Integration

  • Typically, HRIS Integrations with EdCast comprise of these three aspects:
    • Employee Profile Modelling
      • Setting up a Typical User Profile on LXP
    • Employee Data Synchronization
      • Groups, Users, Managers, Custom Attributes, etc
    • SSO Integration
      • SAML, OAuth, OpenID Connect

Employee Profile Modeling - Mandatory Attributes

  • The LXP can work with the most minimal amount of employee
    information - only the following attributes are mandatory
    First Name
    * Last Name
  • A consistent user account can be created using these mandatory attributes

Employee Profile Modeling - Custom Attributes

  • LXP User Account can be enriched to pass some additional information
    from the customer’s HR record such as:
    Employee ID
    Business Unit
    * Functional Manager
  • Custom attributes can be populated using any of our integration modes from the HR record of the Employee

Workday Connector

  • Supports adding/updating users
  • Supports adding/updating custom attributes
  • Supports synchronizing user states
  • Fetches all the user data on day one and then fetches the delta from second day onwards
  • WorkDay connector runs once in every 24 hours

WorkDay Connector - Things to note

  • Doesn’t support fetching profile images
  • Doesn’t support fetching and mapping the manager details

Workday Connector - Configuration Parameters

Name Description Sample Value
API Endpoint API Endpoint of Workday
API Version API version used to fetch users data from workday current 32.1 32.1
Username Username to access Workday API’s admin
Encoded Password Base64 Encoded password to access workday API's as asdasfdsadas===
Tenant Name of tenant given by workday acme_corp
Global Unique ID Unique ID that represents the user (only if SSO is enabled) acme_id

WorkDay Integration Process (Internal)

  1. Customer IT administrator share the WorkDay configuration parameter (From slide#7) with EdCast customer support team
  2. EdCast support team will configure WorkDay job in
    • Create HRMS Source with customer provided values

WorkDay HRMS Source (Internal)

Name Description Sample Value
Name Name of the WorkDay Source Workday Acme SB
source_config Configuration parameters for the WorkDay connector { "api_version": "v32.1", "username": "ISU_Edcast_01", "encoded_password": "RWRjYXN0MDEhd2Q=", "tenant": "acme", "workday_end_point": "https://wd5- acme/Human_Resources" }
Field Mapping Map the EdCast LXP schema to customer’s WorkDay schema { "first_name": { "external_key": "worker_data_data_first_name" }, "last_name": { "external_key": "worker_data_last_name" }}
Organization Organization of the customer deployment 1908
is_enabled The option enables the WorkDay connector Yes

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