SumTotal Connector

  • SumTotal Connector uses SumTotal API to fetch the courses, assignments and completions data
  • Supports configuration based content retrieval with SumTotal Activity type ID filters
  • Smart Cards are created for Courses
  • Curriculum is represented as one card in LXP. Child Content will be displayed in SumTotal
  • Supports fetching completions data via API with PK# of the user
  • LXP synchronizes the courses, assignments and completions data from SumTotal once in a day

SumTotal Connector - Things to note

  • SumTotal API does not return hidden courses. So hidden courses will not be visible in LXP
  • Since LXP doesn’t have information about hidden courses, LXP will not show the assignment or completion data for hidden courses in MLP
  • Un-assignment in SumTotal will not reflect in LXP as there is no API to get the un-assignment information

SumTotal Connector

SumTotal Connector can be configured from LXP Admin Console -> Content -> LMS Integrations

SumTotal Connector - Configuration Parameters



Sample Value


Host name of the SumTotal deployment


User name to access the SumTotal API



Password to access the SumTotal API


(Optional) Provide this value if SSO enabled URL need to be configured. Connector prepends this URL with SumTotal course URL


Name of the custom attribute(user) which holds the
SumTotal PK number



(Optional) Comma separated activity type ID. SumTotal categorizes the content using activity type ID. If this value is empty, then connector fetches all the courses.