SuccessFactors Integration


Edcast SuccessFactors Integration provides the below Functionalities:

  • User Data Sync through Edcast SuccessFactors HRMS Connector
    The HRMS Connector consumes the HXM Suite OData APIs to import user data.
    The connector imports the basic profile ( First Name, Last Name, Email Id , Employee Id , Status ) & can also import the custom fields
    During onboarding, the connector imports all the users & then has a daily schedule to import new / updated / terminated users
    Importing a part of the organisation is also possible via supported credential restrictions on the SuccessFactors side

  • LMS Integrations through Edcast SuccessFactors LMS Connector
    The LMS Connector consumes the SuccessFactors APIs to import content metadata, assignments & completions.
    During onboarding, the connector imports all the content metadata & then has a weekly schedule to import new / updated / content
    Assignments & Completions are fetched once daily.

Workflow Diagram



The connector fetches content from SF once every week. For the courses returned by the SF API (searchItem) , Edcast creates cards.
Unified search and Machine Learning displays relevant courses from SuccessFactors LMS. Simplifying the discovery and access to important training materials.


Users can easily choose a course to learn more about the content
A description of the course from SuccessFactors is displayed and a link directly to the course in the LMS is available.


The link from the EdCast LXP takes the user directly to the course registration page in SuccessFactors.


The course displays for the user in a new window
Once the course is completed in SF , it will be reflected in the users Learning Plan in the LXP


Also, Assignments from SuccessFactors (items returned by the SF API UserTodoLearningItems) for each user are imported to Edcast as the user's assignments


User can then click on the card to go to the standalone view & then click on the link to go to the SuccessFactor Course in order to consume it.

SuccessFactors Connector
  • Supports adding/updating users
  • Supports adding/updating custom attributes
  • Supports synchronizing user states
  • Fetches all the user data on day one and then fetches the delta from second day onwards
  • SuccessFactors connector runs once in every 24 hours

SuccessFactors Connector - Things to note
  • Doesn’t support fetching profile images
  • Doesn’t support fetching and mapping the manager details

SuccessFactors Connector - Configuration Parameters
Name Description Sample Value
Host URL Host URL used to fetch users data from SuccessFactor API
Client ID Client ID given by SuccessFactor 32.1
User ID User ID given by SuccessFactor admin
Company ID Company ID_id given by SuccessFactor asdasfdsadas===
Private Key Private Key given by SuccessFactor acme_corp
Global Unique ID Unique ID that represents the user (only if SSO is enabled) acme_id

###### SuccessFactors Integration Process (Internal) 1. Customer IT administrator share the SuccessFactors configuration parameters (from previous table) with EdCast customer support team. 2. EdCast support team will configure SuccessFactors job in * Create HRMS Source with customer provided values
###### SuccessFactors HRMS Source (Internal)
Name Description Sample Value
Name Name of the SuccessFactors Source SuccessFactors Acme SB
source_config Configuration parameters for the SuccessFactors connector {
"host_url": "",
"client_id": "NGUyZjasdasVjZDQzZjYzNWNjMmRmOTZhNDBiZmZiZA",
"user_id": "SFAPI_EDCAST",
"company_id": "acmeP",
"private_key": ""
optional_config Optional configuration parameters for the SuccessFactors connector {
"sso_enabled": "true",
"external_identifier_key": "acme_id"
Field Mapping Map the EdCast LXP schema to customer’s SuccessFactors schema { "first_name": {
"external_key": "worker_data_data_first_name"
}, "last_name": {
"external_key": "worker_data_last_name"
Organization Organization of the customer deployment 1908
is_enabled The option enables the SuccessFactors connector Yes

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