HRIS Integration

HRIS Integration

Integrations with Enterprise HRS

Enterprise HRIS Integration

  • Typically, HRIS Integrations with EdCast comprise of these three aspects:
    • Employee Profile Modelling
      • Setting up a Typical User Profile on LXP
    • Employee Data Synchronization
      • Groups, Users, Managers, Custom Attributes etc
    • SSO Integration
      • SAML, OAuth, OpenID Connect

## Employee Profile Modeling

Employee Profile Modeling - Mandatory Attributes

  • The LXP can work with the most minimal amount of employee information -
    only the following attributes are mandatory
    - Email
    - First Name
    - Last Name
  • A consistent user account can be created using these mandatory attributes

Employee Profile Modeling - Custom Attributes

  • LXP User Account can be enriched to pass some additional information from
    the customer’s HR record such as:
    - Employee ID
    - Business Unit
    - Functional Manager
  • Custom attributes can be populated using any of our integration modes
    from the HR record of the Employee

## Employee Data Synchronization

HRIS – Modes of Employee Data Synchronization

  • For all HRIS Integrations EdCast synchronizes the user’s data from the customer’s HR system into the LXP
    • It is a unidirectional Integration
  • There are four modes of Integration
    • Mode #1 - Pre-Built connectors – Workday SuccessFactors etc
    • Mode #2 - SFTP based integration
    • Mode #3 - Push Integration - Customer pushes data through EdCast APIs
    • Mode #4 - Pull Integration - EdCast pulls data from the HRIS APIs

Data Integration – Mode #1 – Pre-Built Connectors

Employee Data Sync – Mode #2 – SFTP Based

  • Customer uploads CSV file to EdCast SFTP folder
    CSV files need to be encrypted using EdCast Public Key (using PGP encryption)
    Sample CSV file :
    * File with all records on initial launch followed by new or changed (delta) records
  • Customer is in control of the users that will be added on to the LXP
  • EdCast platform processes these files on a daily basis

Employee Data Sync – Mode #3 – Push Integration

Employee Data Sync – Mode #4 – Pull Integrations

  • Customer to provide 2 API’s
    • API which provides list of all users along with their attributes
      • First Name, Last Name, Email are mandatory
    • API which provides the delta of users (added/deleted) for a given time range

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